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Our staff consists of a team of professional martial artists dedicated to quality and student service. Many of our instructors hold titles and awards from competitions and prestigious organizations. More importantly, they are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to the success of each individual student. We understand the critical role our instructors play in your personal development, as well as your child’s development. For that reason, all of our highly qualified instructors are dedicated to working one-on-one with each student to help them achieve their personal best.

Eli Gonzales has over 51 years of martial arts training. Eli began his martial arts career at the age of nine taking Boxing lessons at the local boys club. Eli has also trained in Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Kali, Silat, Sambo, Jeet Kune Do and Modern Arnis. Compiling his knowledge from his many years of training, Eli has developed a style called Koden, a fighting system focused on the tradition within the martial arts. Eli has also been at the forefront of organizing martial arts seminars and numerous Boxing/MMA events. Eli devotes most of his time teaching, alongside his wife Sara and daughter Rikkilynn at Premier Martial Arts Academy, located in the city of Shasta Lake, California.

Sara began training in martial arts at the age of 23, with her husband Eli Gonzales training in Boxing, Muay Thai, Arnis, Kali and Jeet Kune Do. Her dedication to the world of martial arts is endless from helping to organize seminars, tournaments and dojo events she plays an ample role in helping to promote the martial arts. Sara still continues to train and expand her knowledge, training right along side her students at Premier Martial Arts Academy, Sara possess the heart and soul of a true martial artist. Sara has been teaching and training in martial arts for over 34 years.

Rikkilynn was introduced to the martial arts world at the age of four learning self defense from her father Eli Gonzales. At the age of eight she began attending formal martial arts classes training in Arnis; becoming the youngest martial artists to achieve an adult Black Belt in the Arnis system at the age of fourteen. Rikkilynn has also trained in Boxing, Muay Thai, Kali and Jeet Kune Do. She currently teaches at Premier Martial Arts Academy alongside her parents. In addition to her martial arts accomplishments, Rikkilynn is dedicated to succeeding scholastically graduating magna cum laude from California State University, Chico with her with her bachelor’s degree in business in May 2009.

William Hale began training in martial arts with his father, at the age of two, learning punches, kicks and various basic martial arts techniques. William began studying American Kenpo Karate at the age of 28 where he had the opportunity to train with Huk Planas and Frank Trejo. From there he went on to study Doce Pares Escrima with Guro Anthony Kleeman and G.M. Cacoy Canete, Wing Chun with David Lee Young and Lima Lama with Brandon Hubbard. Since 2006, William had dedicated his time to furthering his knowledge of the martial arts and has studied Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Muay Thai, Modern Arnis and Jujitsu at Premier Martial Arts Academy with Sensei Gonzales.

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