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Upcoming Women’s Self Defense Course
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What you learn in our 4 week women’s self-defense class you will keep for life! Our goal is to help you develop a successful plan now before something happens or before something happens again! We utilize a scenario based training approach dedicated to helping women learn how to:

  • Improve their concentration and ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • Protect themselves against various types of attack scenarios.
  • Maximize damage in minimal time with minimal risk.

The Agenda: Class will begin with basic stretching to warm up your muscles. The first hour and a half of the class will be dedicated to hands-on self-defense instruction; we will discuss and point out vital target areas. You will be taught how to attack these areas with power to disable your attacker and escape. You will be taught blocking, striking, grab escapes, confrontational skills, and body language skills using your body’s natural defense mechanisms, while introducing new concepts and techniques to maximize learning and develop potentially life-saving reactions, also what environmental weapons may be at your disposal. We reserve the remaining half hour of class for scenario specific questions.

To Register: Simply pick up the phone and call 275-3938 or fill out the form below to reserve your spot today! The entrance to our studio is accessed using the gravel path on the left side of the LIFE center building. See you there!

Click here to download the Women's Self Defense Flyer

For more informaiton about the school, class schedule, programs, or other general information you can call, email, or submit your questions below and we will get back to you shortly. All personel information is confidential and will not be distributed.

LIFE Center Building 4440 Shasta Dam Blvd.
Shasta Lake CA 96019
(530) 275-3938